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Vernon Swaback
Designing the Future

Original Airdate: July 29, 1998


About the Author

Vernon D. Swaback, AIA, AICP, is the owner-manager of Swaback Partners, a 21-year old Artichectural-Planning organization in Scottsdale, AZ. He moved to Arizona from Chicago in 1957 to become Frank Lloyd Wright's youngest apprentice and remained with the Wright organization 21 years. Designing The Future was published by Arizona State University's Herberger Center for Design Excellence and is in demand as an architectural text throughout the world.


About this Book

Swaback continues the Frank Lloyd Wright tradition of thoughtful and highly intelligent strategies for making homes, rather than houses. This book can be appreciated on several levels; the easiest of which is to simply enjoy its exceptional photography of resplendent homes. Going deeper reveals a passion and clarity that is only possible from an author who has lived his every word. At its deepest level this book is an invitation to explore our own dreams about life, made more rewarding by way of design


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