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Kathleen Jo Ryan - Writing Down the River
Airdate: July 15, 1998

About the Author

Kathleen Jo Ryan is an accomplished photographer and producer of books and videos, including, Irish Traditions, Ranching Traditions: Living Legacy of the American West and its companion video, Ranching, with Charlie Daniels; Writing Down the River: Into the Heart of the Grand Canyon; and most recently Texas Cattle Barons: Their Families, Land, and Legacy and the companion book, Deep in the Heart of Texas: Texas Ranchers in Their Own Words.



About this Book

15 of America's best women writers Denise Chavez, Linda Ellerbee, Judith Freeman, Linda Hogan, Teresa Jordan, Ruth Kirk, Page Lambert, Brenda Peterson, Leila Philip, Sharman Apt Russell, Annick Smith, Barbara Earl Thomas, Evelyn C. White, Ann Haymond Zwinger, and Susan Zwinger took separate float trips down the Grand Canyon. These authors include journalists, novelists, and naturalists, some with previous outdoor experience and some with none. This book presents their excellent essays on their experiences. .