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Lorraine Lachs
Flowers for Mei-Ling

Original Airdate: July 1, 1998


About the Author


About this Book

Chinese by birth and Eurasian by blood, Mei-Ling Wang's extraordinary life is a mirror of our time. Born in 1949, the year of the Red Army's entry into Beijing, she is the daughter of an English mother and Chinese father who shares the Communist vision of a more perfect future. Mei-Ling grows to womanhood amid the violent passions and numbing brutality unleashed by the cultural Revolution. In 1968, as a tidal wave of a political turmoil engulfs the globe, Mei-Ling, penniless, is forced to flee her homeland. She embarks on an odyssey that carries her from China to Hong Kong to Europe to North America. Beautiful and intelligent, compelled by necessity and desire, Mei-Ling threads her way carefully among the men who love her and use her. She discovers the power of sex and the lure of wealth; she masters the art of survival. When she returns to China in 1997, the Colony and the mainland are about to become one country again. The People's Republic and the daughter who was forced to flee its shores so long before have been tempered by their struggles and stripped of their illusions. They are wealthy and strong, but they have been forced to relinquish the ideals that first brought them into being.


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