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Joy Harjo - Reinventing the Enemy's Language
Airdate: August 27, 1997

About the Author

Joy Harjo is an award-winning poet and singer of the Mvskoke/Creek Nation. She has published acclaimed books of poetry and sings and plays tenor saxophone with her group, Poetic Justice. With a Master's of Fine Arts degree from the University of Iowa, Harjo has taught at several universities in Arizona, New Mexico and Califonia.



About this Book

From people who value stories and songs from literary traditions that are as encompassing and intricate as those of Europe, "Reinventing the Enemy's Language" is the most comprehensive anthology of its kind to collect the poetry, fiction, prayer and memoir from Native-American women. It is about the process of writing and speaking that sheds light on what it means to be an Indian woman at the end of the century as many nations - including the United States and Canada - are involved in the emotionally charged question of identity and place. More than 80 writers are represented from nearly 50 nations.




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