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Gus Edwards - Monologues on Black Life
Airdate: July 16, 1997

About the Author

One of Americas leading playwrights, Gus Edwards is also a director and educator. He has written several books addressing the concerns of African-American theater and is a tenured faculty member of Arizona State University's theater department, where he teaches film and theater studies.



About this Book

"Monologues on Black Life" addresses the paucity of relevant selections for modern black actors by offering a twist on the orthodox monologue compilation. The 50 pieces he assembles are original, including a beautifully elegaic six-part monologue play, "The Sorrows of Elva." Divided among half a dozen short story-like sections, Edwards's speeches are alternately raw and poetic, reflecting a wide diversity of ages, settings and contemporary themes that are more individually complete and whole than the typically out-of-context three-minute speech.