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Tim O'Brien - In the Lake of the Woods
Airdate: May 28, 1997

About the Author

Tim O'Brien is from small town Minnesota. He was born in Austin on October 1, 1946. He graduated from Macalester College in 1968 found with a B.A. in political science and a draft notice. Although O'Brien was against the war, he was sent to Vietnam with what has been called the "unlucky" American division for its involvement in the My Lai massacre in 1968, an event which figures prominently in In the Lake of the Woods. After Vietnam he became a graduate student at Harvard. Having the opportunity to do an internship at the Washington Post, he eventually left Harvard to become a newspaper reporter. O'Brien's career as a reporter gave way to his fiction writing after publication of his memoir, "If I Die in a Combat Zone, Box Me Up and Send Me Home." Tim O'Brien is now a visiting professor and endowed chair at Southwest Texas State University where he teaches in the Creative Writing Program.



About this Book

What happens to a marriage when the darkest secrets of your past find their way into the present? On a lake deep in Minnesota's north woods, John and Kathy Wade are trying to reassemble their lives. John, a rising political star, has just suffered a devastating electoral defeat. Kathy attempts to comfort her husband, but soon it becomes apparent that something is horribly wrong between them, that they have hidden too much from each other. Then one day Kathy vanishes. Their boat is gone — did she drown or is she lost? Or did she flee, disappearing into a new life? As a massive search gets under way, the possibilities multiply in terrifying directions. Uncovering the truth requires an investigation of Wade's life, and gradually we come to see that he is a sorcerer lost inside his own magic, a Houdini capable of escaping everything but the chains of his darkest secret.