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Jim Silver
Assumption of Risk

Original Airdate: October 26, 1996


About the Author

Internationally published author, Jim Silver, works in the insurance claims industry in Phoenix, AZ, with his wife, Ginny, and their five children.


About this Book

A pair of cold-blooded killers, one male, one female, conspire to skim millions of dollars from insurance companies in this ingenious first novel. The plot hatched by investment banker Norman Bloodstone and his partner, Dana Quinn, requires claimants to drop their claims-and, for this to happen, the pair are perfectly willing to expedite the demise of the claimants and, when necessary, their attorneys. Vietnam vet Luther Sitasy, head of the policy limits claims division of a Phoenix insurance company, stumbles onto the scheme by accident, eventually putting himself, his family and his friends in danger, especially from Bloodstone, who might as well be called Bloodlust. In a welcome twist, Sitasy, rather than playing superhero, looks for help from an old Vietnam buddy who's now an FBI agent.


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