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James Sallis
Limits of the Sensible World

Original Airdate: August 7, 1996


About the Author

James Sallis is author of the popular Lew Griffin novels and the recent novel Cypress Grove, he has also written an avant-garde novel, Renderings, and a spy novel, Death Will Have Your Eyes, as well as countless short stories, poems, and essays.

In addition, he has written and edited a number of musicological studies and works of literary criticism, including The Guitar Players, Difficult Lives, a study of noir writers, and Chester Himes: A Life, a biography of one of his literary heroes. Jim has even turned his hand to writing screenplays, and he pens regular columns for the Boston Globe, Fantasy and Science Fiction, and Web Del Sol.


About this Book

Limits of the Sensible World is a collection of 18 short stories.


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