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Janet Golio - A Present From the Past
Airdate: June 19, 1996

About the Author

Janet Golio has lived in California, North Carolina and Arizona, where she became involved in a number of archaeological projects and raised cattle. This led to her first book, "A Present From the Past," and her second book, "A Puzzle From the Past." Golio lives in Solon, Iowa, where she and her husband have actively pursued their interests in archaeology, trick roping, and country-western dancing.



About this Book

Sarah and Pilo are about to save the past and the future. When 13-year-old Sarah falls in the mud behind her new home in Phoenix, she finds an unusual piece of ancient pottery. Then, after accidentally dyeing herself red and green, Sarah almost collides with 14-year-old Pilo. The two of them begin looking for traces of the past in the mountains and desert surrounding their homes. During their explorations, they uncover a developer's plot to bulldoze one of the prehistoric sites. With the help of an upset rattlesnake, a neighbor with two peculiar dogs and a mysterious packet, Sarah and Pilo set out to stop what everyone thinks is unstoppable.