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Katherine Coles - The Measureable World
Airdate: November 11, 1995

About the Author

Katharine Coles holds a Ph.D. from the University of Utah and is Writer-in-Residence at Westminster College in Salt Lake City where she teaches creative writing and English, and directs the Weeks Poetry Series. Among her grants and awards are an NEA Individual Writer's Fellowship for poetry, an NEA New Forms Project Grant for fiction and the Utah Arts Council's Publication Prize; in 1994 she was awarded Salt Lake City's Mayor's Award for the Arts. Her second collection of poems, "A History of the Garden," was released in 1997 by the University of Nevada Press, which also published her first novel, "The Measurable World: An Erotic Urban Mystery."



About this Book

She has always thought of herself as coolly objective, but botanist Grace Stern's first response to everything is immediate and physical - from a display of pollen-laden anthers against scarlet petals to the mountain peak where her irrepressible mother was killed by lightning. Grace's father, Byron, shattered by his loss, soon disappeared, leaving young Grace in the care of Imo, her charming but embittered grandmother. As the world holds its breath in the days before the Gulf War, Grace has turned from the confusing and disheartening world of human emotion and politics to the more orderly, comforting world of her plants. Separated from her husband, Pascal, a heart surgeon, Grace is pursued by her two oldest friends - Ralph, an attractive, disillusioned attorney and sometime rancher, and Rita, a dashing lesbian political activist who has inherited a family mortuary business.