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G. Lynn Nelson - Writing and Being
Airdate: September 30, 1995

About the Author

G. Lynn Nelson is an American author and academic whose contributions to writing education include instruction on the university level, the advocacy of young adult writing programs and the implementation of often-controversial approaches to language study. Nelson received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Kearney State College, followed by the acquisition of a Master of Arts degree from The University of Nebraska-Lincoln; Nelson later earned his Ph.D. from this institution. He began his professorial career at Arizona State University in 1973 and later co-founded the Young Adult Writer's Project (YAWP) in 1996. This program began as a summer program with the enrollment of thirteen students. Nelson also served as the director of the regional Greater Phoenix Area Writing Project (GPAWP), an effort that continued until 2004. Nelson is also the founder of Native Images, an organization that seeks to assist Native American students in their pursuit of success in the study of writing.



About this Book

"Writing and Being" is about our language and our being and their powerful interconnectedness, which have often been taken away from us without our even knowing what we have lost.