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Emanuel Levy
George Cukor: Master of Elegance

Original Airdate: June 14, 1995


About the Author

Emanuel Levy began his studies at Tel-Aviv University, where he received B.A. in sociology, anthropology and political science. He did graduate work in sociology, film and culture studies at Columbia University, where he earned a Ph.D. Among his mentors were Sigmund Diamond, a professor of social history, and the distinguished film critic Andrew Sarris. Most of his film education in the pre-VCR era was done at French Cinematheque, New York's Museum of Modern Art, Film Forum, Thalia and other art houses.


About this Book

George Cukor called Katharine Hepburn "straight as a knife and slippery as a snake" and cast her in her first movie. He once replaced Charles Laughton with W.C. Fields, let Ernst Lubitsch bully him out of a screen credit, got fired from "Gone With the Wind" and directed 50 years of Hollywood's best films, including "My Fair Lady" and the Judy Garland-James Mason film, "A Star Is Born." Emanuel Levy, an Arizona State film and sociology professor, based his admiring but realistic biography, "George Cukor: Master of Elegance: Hollywood's Legendary Director and His Stars," on more than 100 interviews and twice that many written sources.


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Emanuel Levy's website



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