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Michael Lee Lanning - Vietnam at the Movies
Airdate: May 31, 1995

About the Author

Michael Lee Lanning retired from the army as a lieutenant colonel after more than 20 years of service. During his assignment in Vietnam, he served as both an infantry-platoon leader and a company commander in the 199th Infantry Brigade (Light). He lives in Phoenix, Arizona.



About this Book

"Vietnam, Vietnam, Vietnam," wrote Michael Herr in Dispatches, "We've all been there." Nowhere is that more true than in movies touching on the Vietnam War, which brought that conflict into the theater the same way TV brought it into the living room. "Vietnam at the Movies" provides a coherent explanation of how the American war movie evolved before and after Vietnam. Lanning, a former Army lieutenant colonel, goes even further, placing these movies in a historical perspective and viewing them in the wider context of America's changing world role and its changing politics at home.




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