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Judith Tingley - Genderflex
Airdate: October 15, 1994

About the Author

Judith C. Tingley, Ph.D., is a psychologist and consultant from Phoenix, Arizona. Her expertise is adaptive communication between diverse people, one-on-one, in small and large groups. She is currently writing a book titled Genderflex, Solutions to Male-Female Communication Problems in the Workplace.



About this Book

GenderSell is the first book to offer specific techniques on overcoming the single greatest barrier to effective sales -- selling to the opposite sex. Despite the fact that women make approximately 85 percent of the purchasing decisions on most products and services and constitute more than 25 percent of today's sales force, nearly all relevant books have been written by men for men in sales about selling to men. Now, at long last, Judith C. Tingley and Lee E. Robert bring you this essential guide, based on extensive research, including their own Sales Preference Survey, conducted with more than 600 participants. They answer important questions such as: What quality do customers say they like most about men in sales and why? What characteristic do they think is strongest in female professionals? Is the timing of the close different with male and female clients? Using detailed examples and provocative case studies, the authors offer specific techniques to allow sales professionals to increase their revenues, profits, and overall success. GenderSell is the essential handbook for salespeople who want to meet the challenges of business in the 21st century.