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Beth Jarman - Breakpoint and Beyond
Airdate: August 31, 1994

About the Author

Beth Jarman's broad-based experience in education, government and business, along with her excellent academic background, have provided her with unique insights about how organizations and individuals both embrace and resist change. She has written a number of articles and books. Her first book, "You Can Change your Life by Changing Your Mind" was followed by "Breakpoint and Beyond" and "Mastering the Future Today," co-authored with Dr. George Land and published by Harper Collins. "Breakpoint" provides new rules for success in an era of turbulent and unpredictable change.



About this Book

Jarman delves into what it takes to achieve breakpoint thinking and go beyond from where you are now into the future. Learn about the power of creative growth, the power of future pull, and about the force of connecting. Jarman deals with nature and its concepts and relations to us humans.