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Cordelia Candelaria - Arroyos to the Heart
Airdate: July 6, 1994

About the Author

Cordelia Candelaria is the author of "Cursing Fujimori and Other Andean Reflections," "Arroyos to the Heart," "Seeking the Perfect Game: Baseball in American Literature," "Chicano Poetry: A Critical Introduction," "Ojo de la Cueva/Cave Springs" and dozens of published articles, reviews and poems. She also is editor or co-editor of 11 books, most recently the "Encyclopedia of Latino Popular Culture," "The Legacy of 1848 and 1898" and "Women Poets of the Americas." Dr. Candelaria is a Regents Professor of English and Chicana and Chicano Studies at Arizona State University and Director of Research for ASU's National Center for Community Development and Civil Rights.



About this Book

"Arroyos to the Heart," published by Santa Monica College Press, is Cordelia Candelaria's second poetry collection.