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Chris Merrill - The Grass of Another Country
Airdate: June 1, 1994

About the Author

Christopher Merrill has published four collections of poetry, including "Brilliant Water" and "Watch Fire," for which he received the Peter I. B. Lavan Younger Poets Award from the Academy of American Poets; translations of AleŇ° Debeljak's "Anxious Moments" and "The City and the Child," several edited volumes, among them, "The Forgotten Language: Contemporary Poets and Nature" and "From the Faraway Nearby: Georgia O'Keeffe as Icon," and four books of nonfiction, "The Grass of Another Country: A Journey Through the World of Soccer," "The Old Bridge: The Third Balkan War and the Age of the Refugee," "Only the Nails Remain: Scenes from the Balkan Wars" and "Things of the Hidden God: Journey to the Holy Mountain." His work has been translated into 20 languages. He has held the William H. Jenks Chair in Contemporary Letters at the College of the Holy Cross and now directs the International Writing Program at The University of Iowa.



About this Book

An evocative look at the world's most popular sport journeys behind the scenes of soccer on an international odyssey that begins in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and ends in Rome, at the final match of the 14th World Cup.