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Melissa Pritchard - Phoenix
Airdate: October 9, 1993

About the Author

Melissa Pritchard is the author of two short story collections, The Instinct for Bliss and Spirit Seizures, and two novels, Phoenix and Selene of the Spirits. Pritchard was awarded a Pushcart Prize for “Funktionslust,” which appeared in The Paris Review. Her story “Salve Regina” was included in Prize Stories 2000: The O. Henry Awards. Among numerous other awards, she has received the Flannery O’Connor Award, the Janet Heidinger Kafka Prize, and a Howard Foundation Fellowship from Brown University. She is Director of the M.F.A. Creative Writing Program at Arizona State University and is on the faculty of Spalding University.



About this Book

Phoenix (Mary Lou before she hit the road) hitches rides and floats from lover to lover, crashing where she can. Kind people give her food, rides or lodging, but when she needs emotional support, friends and lovers disappear, leaving her to wryly observe `how nice people can be when they don't know you.'