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Kathy Kolbe - Pure Instinct
Airdate: September 4, 1993

About the Author

Kathy Kolbe is an entrepreneur, educator and best-selling author. Kolbe has pioneered the identification of a distinct cluster of human behaviors that led to breakthroughs in the understanding and use of innate abilities and transformed the way the world thinks about human nature. Her work has identified the cause, effect and affect of effort-related stress and proven the predictability of measurable levels of effort-related stress.



About this Book

"Pure Instinct" is a study that enriches and enhances our knowledge of a little understood but important managerial tool: instinct. Although instinct is eschewed by academics because it evades quantification and analysis, Kolbe maintains that "our best decisions and greatest sense of accomplishment come when we act on instinct." She crafts a matrix showing four types of instinct (probing, patterning, innovating and demonstrating) with the Kolbe Conative Index's (the KCI) four action modes: fact finder, follow through, quick start and implementor.




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