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Ron Watkins - Birthright
Airdate: August 28, 1993

About the Author

Ron Watkins is an American writer of non-fiction. The author has also served as ghostwriter, collaborator or editor for more than 30 other books. He is founder and principal writer for Watkins & Associates,The author holds a BA in history and an MS in justice studies. Following his university studies, he first worked as a probation officer and presentencing investigator in the Superior Court. He is a former chief administrative law judge and was the assistant director of the Arizona Department of Insurance where he served as the state of Arizona's chief insurance fraud investigator.



About this Book

Birthright chronicles the lives of the L.S. Shoen family and the growth of the U-Haul empire. Shoen founded U-Haul with a single trailer in 1945 and directed the company's growth until he was ousted from leadership by a rival faction, led by two of his sons, in the mid-1980s. The battle for control of the company is still being fought, and the unsolved murder of Eva Shoen (wife of one of Schoen's sons) has added to the intrigue of this bitter family feud.