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Charles Bowden - Trust Me
Airdate: July 10, 1993

About the Author

Charles Bowden is an author, journalist and essayist based in Tucson, Arizona. He is a former writer for the Tucson Citizen and often writes about the American Southwest. He is a contributing editor of GQ and Mother Jones magazine and also writes for other magazines such as Harper's Magazine, New York Times Book Review, Esquire and Aperture.



About this Book

"Trust Me" peeks into the life inside Charles Keating's American Continental Corporation (owner of Lincoln Savings and Loan), where the boss capriciously rewarded and terrorized his staff. They offer mini-profiles of Keating's haunted underlings, tantalized by lucre, their personal lives crumbling with a focus on the charismatic, risk-loving and intimidating "Charlie" Keating.