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C.E. Poverman - Skin
Airdate: June 5, 1993

About the Author

C. E. Poverman won an Iowa School of Letters Award for Short Fiction for his book of stories, The Black Velvet Girl. He is the author of Susan and Solomon's Daughter, both published by Viking. Solomon's Daughter was included in the Penguin Contemporary Fiction series. His third novel, My Father in Dreams, was published by Scribners. He has been awarded a Pushcart Prize, two National Endowment for the Arts grants, and has been included in O. Henry Prize Stories, The Pushcart Prize Anthology, Telling Stories, and The Iowa Award: The Best Stories from Twenty Years. His stories have been cited numerous times in Best American Short Stories and O. Henry, and his stories have appeared in magazines ranging from the Iowa Review to Playboy. In 1994 he held a Chesterfield Screenwriting Fellowship at Universal Studios. Since then, he has introduced screenwriting to the MFA program. In 2002, he was an Honorable Mention for the Distinguished Innovation in Teaching Award at the University of Arizona.



About this Book

Unsettling ambiguities characterize the determinist, chaotic, often violent world depicted in this powerful collection of 11 short stories by the author of My Father in Dreams. In the title story, a woman recalls her brief but intense affair with a marine who survived two tours of duty in Vietnam unscathed; in fact, she is attracted to him by the beauty and smoothness of his skin. But when mysterious razor slashes leave Lewis's body as scarred as his psyche, it emerges that the marine has not told his lover the truth and may not know it himself; she, too, has had a glimpse of the person she might be. Other tales are similarly haunting, such as The Man Who Died, which recounts both sides of a sexual assault case. Exploring such themes as male sexuality, addictive and codependent behavior, the rights of the mentally ill and new love among old friends, the stories all hit the mark with their depictions of characters who are devious, gullible, confused, quirky and even insane, but never unreal.