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Curate - The Arizona PBS Arts and Culture Fund

Why Your Support Matters!

Gifts to Curate, The Arizona PBS Arts and Culture Fund, ensure that we are able to offer the best local and national PBS arts’ programming that inspires, entertains and amazes viewers. Curate allows our supporters and Arizona PBS to make sure the worlds of music, theater, dance and art remain available to all Arizonans, many of whom might never have the opportunity to experience them otherwise.

Music, theater, dance and all the performing arts enrich our lives, and bring beauty and vibrancy to our communities. As a community service multimedia enterprise, Eight is uniquely positioned to promote the arts across many different platforms: on air, online and in the communities and schools throughout Arizona and beyond.

With your support of Curate, Eight offers over 1,700 hours of arts and cultural content to all Arizonans.

Many of these programs are available online 24/7, including our locally produced programs Arizona Horizon: Arizona ArtBeat, locally produced art segments on ArtBeat Nation, and Eight’s own Books & Co.

Curate provides our viewers with a front row ticket to the best theaters and concert halls locally and nationally.

I invite you to support Curate, The Arizona PBS Arts and Culture Fund, to help keep the arts alive in our homes, schools and communities.