Did You Know?

Season II

At 800 feet, Spider Rock in Canyon de Chelly is taller than…
• the Washington Monument, 555 ft.
• the St. Louis Gateway Arch, 630 ft
• the Seattle Space Needle, 605 ft.

The world’s largest …
• continuously flowing fountain is in Fountain Hills, AZ
• collection of optical telescopes is at Kitt Peak in Southern Arizona.
• retirement community is Sun City, AZ

The hottest day recorded in Arizona was...
• in Lake Havasu City on June 29, 1994, 128 degrees
• The coldest day in Arizona was Jan. 7, 1971 in Hawley Lake, minus 40 degrees

•The Joshua Tree, Agave, and Yucca are not cactus. They are members of the lily family.

The saguaro cactus…
• is one of world’s largest types of cactus
• grows almost exclusively in Arizona and Sonora, Mexico
• Blossom is Arizona’s state flower

•Oraibi, a Hopi Indian village on Third Mesa, dates back to before A.D. 1200 and is believed to be the longest continuously inhabited community in the nation.

There are over 330 dams in Arizona. Three of them are named for U.S. Presidents...
• Roosevelt
• Hoover
• Coolidge

Movies shot in Arizona include…
• “Bus stop” starring Marilyn Monroe
• “Stay Away Joe,” and “Charro” starring Elvis
• “She Wore a Yellow Ribbon,” “Rio Grande,” and “Fort Apache” starring John Wayne

Season I

The thirteen stripes on the Arizona flag represent …

… the thirteen original colonies of the United States

…and the sun setting in the west.

It is illegal in Arizona…

…to refuse a person a glass of water.

…to drive in reverse in Glendale.

…for women to wear pants in Tucson


The flags of Spain,


…the Confederacy,

…and the United States have all flown over the territory known today as Arizona.


Arizona is larger than Pennsylvania, Delaware, and all of New England.

…Maricopa County is larger than Massachusetts.

…Santa Cruz County is larger than seventeen nations.

The Lost Dutchman was German.

…Cesar Chavez, was born in Yuma.

…Billy the Kid killed his first man in Arizona.

Arizona's state bird is the Cactus Wren.

…the state tree the Palo Verde

… Petrified wood is the official state fossil

The Grand Canyon is …

…more than 200 miles long…

…18 miles wide,

…and almost 2 billion years old.


Arizona has…

… more golf courses than Scotland…

… more mountains than Switzerland.

…doubled its population every 20 years since 1900.