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Arizona Republic Reporter Talks New Education and Abortion Laws

Airdate: August 9, 2017
Photo Courtesy Save our Schools Arizona

By Ted Simons

Hundreds of new Arizona laws took effect today. Among the new regulations: one-time emergency prescription refills; protection against lawsuits when attempting to rescue a child or animal from a dangerously heated car, and allowing doctors and nurses toot participate in end-of-life decisions.

Alia Rau of the Arizona Republic covered these issues as they made their way through the legislature. Rau says that the most controversial of the new laws involves regulating care for a fetus born alive during an abortion. Rau calls it the most emotional issue of the past legislative session.

Rau also says that another contentious law passed by the legislature did not take effect today. A move to expand private school vouchers was put on hold after signatures were submitted to refer the issue to next year’s ballot.

  • Alia Beard Rau - reporter, Arizona Republic
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