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June 26, 2008

Host: Ted Simons

African American Icons of Sport

  |   Video
  • Want to find out more about African American sports stars you know and some you’ve probably never heard of? Arizona State University professor Dr. Matthew Whitaker will talk about the book he edited and co-authored, African American Icons of Sport.

Made in Arizona

  |   Video
  • For 40 years, Cerreta’s Candy Company has been making things sweet in Glendale. Find out how they make their candy.
Category: Business/Economy

state Budget Update

  |   Video
  • senate President Tim Bee shares his thoughts on the newly-approved $9.9 billion state budget.
Category: Legislature

Supreme Court Gun Ruling

  |   Video
  • ASU law professor, Paul Bender, talks about the U-S Supreme court ruling that individuals have a constitutional right to have guns.
Category: Law