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November 28, 2013

Host: Ted Simons

Arizona Artbeat: Metal Sculptor

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  • Phoenix artist Kevin Caron came to art late in his life. In the Navy, he worked as a machinist, and after his discharge, he ran a foreign car repair shop. He started his career as a metal sculptor by building a privacy screen for his shop. Caron will talk about his art work.
  • Kevin Caron - Metal Sculptor
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Pro Arte

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  • Originally the Scottsdale Baroque Orchestra, Arizona Pro Arte calls itself a “flexible ensemble providing expert-level performances.” This summer, the orchestra has been performing at Tempe Center for the Arts for a three-part “cool classics series.” And this cool, soothing music is an antidote for the heat. Horizon attends a concert and focuses on two members of the group who don’t hold the kind of day jobs you might expect of professional musicians.
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Street Landscape Artist

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  • Local artist Laura Spalding Best will have her paintings on display at the Burton Barr Library in Phoenix through August 8. Her paintings explore the urban landscape. Best will talk about her work and the display.
  • Laura Spalding Best - Artist
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