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July 4, 2013

Host: Ted Simons

Arizona ArtBeat: Artist Lelija Roy

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  • Denver-based artist Lelija Roy creates landscapes on canvas. Her work expresses her interactions with landscapes. Roy will talk about her art on Arizona Horizon.
  • Lelija Roy - Artist
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Arizona ArtBeat: Ceramic Artist Wayne Higby

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  • Wayne Higby is an internationally-known ceramic artist and is on the faculty of the New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University in New York. Higby uses ceramic vessels to convey imagery. Higby will talk about his work on Arizona Horizon.
  • Wayne Higby - Artist
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Arizona ArtBeat: Sky Train Art

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  • The Sky Train at Sky Harbor Airport started operations recently. Six art projects at the airport were added along with the new Sky Train. Find out about the new art work. Ed Lebow, Public Arts Program Director for the City of Phoenix, discusses the new art projects.
  • Ed Lebow - Public Arts Program Director, City of Phoenix
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