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September 10, 2012

Host: Ted Simons

Arizona Common Core Education Standards

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  • Arizona is implementing new, more rigorous education standards this year. The Common Core Educational Standards have been adopted by 44 states to improve math and language skills among students. Arizona State Superintendent John Huppenthal and Arizona Education Association President Andrew Morrill will discuss the common core standards.
  • John Huppenthal - Arizona State Superintendent
  • Andrew Morrill - Arizona Education Association President
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New Subscription Model for The Arizona Republic

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  • On September 10th The Arizona Republic is launching a new subscription model for its print and online content. Home delivery prices will change and the public will no longer have free unlimited access to online content. Randy Lovely, Senior VP for Republic Media, discusses the new subscription model.
  • Randy Lovely - Senior VP, Republic Media
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The Future of News Media

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  • Republic Media Senior Vice President Randy Lovely, ASU Journalism Professor Tim McGuire, and KPHO CBS 5 General Manager Ed Munson Jr. talk about the future and economic viability of news media in a digital age.
  • Randy Lovely - Senior Vice President, Republic Media
  • Tim McGuire - Journalism Professor, ASU
  • Ed Munson Jr - General Manager, KPHO CBS 5
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