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April 2, 2012

Host: Ted Simons

Arizona Per Capita Income

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  • Arizona‚Äôs per capita income increased last year, but it did not increase as fast as the rest of the nation and we still have one of the lowest per capita income levels in the country. Economist Elliott Pollack of Elliott D. Pollack and Company talks about the latest figures.
  • Elliott Pollack - Elliott D. Pollack and Company
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AZ House Conflict of Interest Rule

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  • Representative Ruben Gallego wants to strengthen a House rule that requires lawmakers to abstain from voting on bills in which they have a personal financial interest. Representatives Gallego and John Kavanagh discuss the proposal.
  • Ruben Gallego - State Representative
  • John Kavanagh - State Reporesentative
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Tom Horne Investigation

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  • Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne is being investigated by the FBI for possibly violating campaign finance laws. Jeremy Duda of the Arizona Capitol Times talks about the investigation.
  • Jeremy Duda - Arizona Capitol Times
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