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March 26, 2012

Host: Ted Simons

Government Employees

  |   Video
  • Government workers talk about how their jobs and the public services they provide would be impacted by legislative efforts to change the state’s personnel and public union laws.
  • Frances Acosta - Investigator, Child Protective Services
  • Andrew Morrill - President, Arizona Education Association
  • James Baker - Project Manager, Tucson Unified School District
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My Bill of Rights

  |   Video
  • The executive director of Chris Bliss talks about efforts to erect the nation’s first Bill of Rights Monument at the Arizona State Capitol.
  • Chris Bliss - Executive Director
Category: Law   |   Keywords: bill of rights, monument,

Personnel Reform

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  • Nick Dranias of the Goldwater Institute talks about his investigation of Arizona’s personnel system and how the Governor’s personnel reform proposal would address some of the issues highlighted in his report.
  • Nick Dranias - Goldwater Institute
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