Horizon, Host: Ted Simons

March 21, 2012

Host: Ted Simons

Education Excellence

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  • Marc Tucker, President and CEO of the National Center on Education and the Economy, talks about Arizona’s participation in the “Excellence for All” pilot program that’s sponsored by the NCEE.
  • Marc Tucker - President, CEO, National Center on Education and the Economy
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Legislative Update

  |   Video
  • An Arizona Capitol Times reporter provides a mid-week update on news from the Arizona State Legislature.
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Technology and Innovation: Proton Beam Cancer Therapy

  |   Video
  • The Mayo Clinic is in the midst of adding a new weapon to its cancer-fighting tools. Mayo broke ground in December for a facility to house a Proton Beam Therapy Program, which it says will mark a new era in cancer treatment. Dr. Wyatt Decker, President and CEO of the Arizona Mayo Clinic, will discuss proton beam therapy.
  • Dr. Wyatt Decker - President, CEO, Arizona Mayo Clinic
Category: Technology   |   Keywords: AZ, Technology, Innovation, proton, beam, cancer, mayo, clinic, ,

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