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March 17, 2012

Host: Ted Simons

State Budget Update

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  • Senate Majority Leader Rep. Andy Biggs (R-Gilbert) and House Minority Leader Rep. Chad Campbell (D-Phoenix) discuss the status of State budget negotiations.
  • Andy Biggs - Senate Majority Leader Representative
  • Chad Campbell - House Minority Leader Representative
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State Government Personnel Reform

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  • On a party-line vote, the Arizona House of Representatives approved a bill (HB 2571) that reforms personnel rules that govern the hiring, firing and management of most state workers. The bill’s sponsor, Representative Justin Olson (R-Mesa) and Representative Bruce Wheeler (D-Tucson), who voted against the bill, debate the merits of the measure that is now under consideration in the State Senate.
  • Justin Olson - Republican Representative
  • Bruce Wheeler - Democratic Representative
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