Horizon, Host: Ted Simons

November 30, 2011

Host: Ted Simons

Arizona Counties: Financial Challenges

  |   Video
  • Navajo County Supervisor David Tenney, who also serves as President of the County Supervisors Association of Arizona, and Maricopa County Supervisor Andy Kunasek discuss the financial challenges facing Arizona’s 15 counties and their legislative priorities for 2012.
  • David Tenney - Navajo County Supervisor, President of County Supervisors Association of Arizona
  • Andy Kunasek - Maricopa County Supervisor
Category: Business/Economy   |   Keywords: counties, finance, challenge,

AZ Technology and Innovation: Recruiting Research Talent to Arizona

  |   Video
  • President and CEO of Science Foundation Arizona William Harris discusses the Bisgrove Scholars Program, part of an effort to improve Arizona's economy by recruiting the best engineers and scientists to work in Arizona.
  • William Harris - President and CEO of Science Foundation Arizona
Category: Technology   |   Keywords: recruiting, research, sientists, engineers,

Real Estate Forecast

  |   Video
  • The Land Advisors Organization hosted its 3rd annual “Metro Phoenix Land and Housing Forecast” November 30th in downtown Phoenix. Greg Vogel, Founder and CEO of the Land Advisors Organization discusses changing landscape of the Valley’s real estate industry.
  • Greg Vogel - Founder and CEO of Land Advisors Organization
Category: Business/Economy   |   Keywords: real estate, housing, forecast,

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