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July 21, 2011

Host: Ted Simons

Arizona ArtBeat: Playwright Michael Fenlason

  |   Video
  • A discussion with Tucson writer Michael Fenlason who’s play “The Last Red Book” won the 2011 Playwriting Award from Arizona Theatre Company.
  • Michael Fenlason - playwright
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Border Fence Donations

  |   Video
  • The State of Arizona has a new website that’s seeking donations to build additional fencing along the U.S. – Mexico border. It’s the result of a bill sponsored by state senator Steve Smith who explains how the program will work.
  • Sen. Steve Smith - (R) Maricopa
Category: Immigration   |   Keywords: border, fence, law,

Fish Consumption Advisory

  |   Video
  • Due to rising mercury levels in some species of fish, the Arizona Game and Fish Department warn that eating too much of the fish could make you very sick.
  • Marc Dahlberg - Arizona Game and Fish
Category: Medical/Health   |   Keywords: health, fish,