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March 29, 2011

Host: Ted Simons

Fiesta Bowl Shake-up

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  • Business Journal reporter Mike Sunnucks discusses the termination of longtime Fiesta Bowl CEO John Junker and the release of a report detailing the improper use of Fiesta Bowl funds for personal and political purposes.
  • Mike Sunnucks - Business Journal
Category: Business/Economy

Rose Mapendo

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  • Imprisoned in a death camp with her family, Rose Mapendo survived genocide in the Democratic Republic of Congo. She resettled in Phoenix where she founded Mapendo New Horizons to help other refugees. Mapendo shares her harrowing and uplifting story of courage and forgiveness. Program note: “Pushing the Elephant”, an “Independent Lens” documentary about Mapendo’s experience airs Tuesday, March 29th at 10pm on Eight HD.
  • Rose Mapendo
Category: Culture