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March 28, 2011

Host: Ted Simons

Arizona ArtBeat: Free Arts of Arizona

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  • Find out how this nonprofit is using creative arts to help abused, neglected and homeless children.
Category: The Arts

Clean Elections Case

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  • The United States Supreme Court will hear oral arguments Monday in a challenge to Arizona‚Äôs Clean Elections law. The court will decide whether Clean Elections violates the First Amendment rights of privately-funded candidates because publicly-funded candidates get funds to match money spent by those candidates. Local attorney Dan Barr will discuss the case.
  • Dan Barr - attorney
Category: Elections

Phoenix Kidnapping Statistics

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  • Controversy over kidnapping statistics for the city of Phoenix led to the temporary reassignment of city police chief Jack Harris. A panel was formed to review the disputed kidnapping numbers. Karen Thoreson, chair of the Phoenix Kidnapping Statistics Panel, talks about the dispute.
  • Karen Thoreson - Chair, Phoenix Kidnapping Statistics Panel
Category: Law