Horizon, Host: Ted Simons

July 22, 2010

Host: Ted Simons

Artists for Action – SB 1070

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  • As a growing number of artists boycott Arizona to protest Arizona’s immigration law, a coalition of local artists is asking them to rethink that strategy. Artists for Action is urging performers to come to Arizona and make their voices heard rather than stay away, which ultimately hurts fans and music venues the most. We’ll talk about this strategy with David Slutes, a Tucson musician and promoter who helped create Artists for Action; and Kimber Lanning, owner of Stinkweeds music store.
  • David Slutes - Tucson musician
  • Kimber Lanning - Owner of Stinkweeds music store
Category: The Arts   |   Keywords: immigration, sb 1070,

SB 1070 Court Hearings

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  • With the effective date of SB 1070 just a week away, U.S. District Court Judge Susan Bolton heard arguments in suits filed by civil rights groups and the U.S. Justice Department asking for a preliminary injunction to stop the law from taking effect. UA Law Professor Andy Silverman who filed an amicus brief, in both cases, for the American Bar Association, comments.
  • Andy Silverman - University of Arizona Law Professor
Category: Immigration

SB 1070 Court Hearings Analysis

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  • Analysis of the hearings provided by Paul Orfanedes the Director of Litigation for Judicial Watch, a conservative government watchdog group that’s representing Arizona State Senator Russell Pearce.
  • Paul Orfandedes - Director of Litigation for Judicial Watch
Category: Immigration

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