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May 26, 2010

Host: Ted Simons

Clean Elections Ruling

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  • The Federal Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals recently ruled in favor of Arizona's law for publicly funded elections, known as Clean Elections. The Goldwater Institute is asking a U.S. Supreme Court Justice for help to overturn the federal court's decision. Nick Dranias from the Goldwater Institute talks about the ruling.
  • Nick Dranias - The Goldwater Institute
Keywords: campaign finance,

Glendale Casino

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  • Tohono O’odham Nation Chairman Ned Norris, Jr. discusses his tribes efforts to build a resort/casino in the West Valley.
  • Ned Norris, Jr. - Chairman,Tohono O’odham Nation
Keywords: native american, gambling,

Heat Fatalities

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  • Arizona’s heat can be deadly. The Arizona Department of Health Services has put out a report on heat deaths over an 18-year period, showing 1,485 heat-exposure fatalities. ADHS Director Will Humble will talk about heat exposure fatalities in Arizona.
  • Will Humble - Arizona Department of Health Services
Category: Medical/Health