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May 11, 2010

Host: Ted Simons

Immigration Author

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  • Jeffrey Kaye, the author of “Moving Millions: How Coyote Capitalism Fuels Global Immigration,” discusses his book and what it says about the relationship between business and immigration.
  • Jeffrey Kaye - Author,“Moving Millions - How Coyote Capitalism Fuels Global Immigration”
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Special Election – Voter Info

  |   Video
  • Maricopa County Recorder Helen Purcell has the latest information about the May 18th special election on the Prop 100 temporary state sales tax increase.
  • Helen Purcell - Maricopa County Recorder
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State Parks

  |   Video
  • Arizona State Parks Director Renee Bahl explains why some parks that had been scheduled to close may get to stay open. Plus, get an update on recently-approved legislation that impacts the parks system
  • Renee Bahl - Director, Arizona State Parks
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