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April 14, 2010

Host: Ted Simons

Clean Elections

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  • A federal judge declared unconstitutional the “matching funds provision” of Arizona’s public campaign financing program, known as Clean Elections. The decision was appealed to the federal Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, which heard oral arguments on Monday. Join us for a discussion with participants on each side of the case; state Representative John McComish and Todd Lang, Executive Director of the Citizens Clean Elections Commission.
  • John McComish - State Representative
  • Todd Lang - Executive Director,Citizens Clean Elections Commission
Category: Elections

Economic Growth

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  • Economists and politicians discuss how we can reinvent Arizona’s economy to attract key businesses, grow jobs and improve the tax base needed to run state government.
Category: Business/Economy

Legislative Update

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  • A mid-week legislative update with an Arizona Capitol Times reporter.
  • Jim Small - Arizona Capitol Times
Category: Legislature

Tribal Energy Economies

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  • ASU Professor Carl Artman, a former director of the Federal Bureau of Indian Affairs, is now in charge of the university’s Economic Development in Indian Country Program. He talks about opportunities for tribes in the production of traditional and renewable energy.
  • Carl Artman - ASU Professor and former director of the Federal Bureau of Indian Affairs
Category: Energy   |   Keywords: green, green energy,