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April 13, 2010

Host: Ted Simons

Real Estate

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  • Arizona Republic real estate reporter Catherine Reagor provides an update on Arizona’s real estate market, including plans for new federal money meant to help fight the foreclosure crisis.
  • Catherine Reagor - Arizona Republic
Category: Business/Economy

Restore Our Border Plan

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  • The murder of a rancher in southern Arizona prompted the Arizona Cattlemen’s Association to expedite the release of a border security plan it had been developing. Gary Thrasher, a member of the Association’s Executive Committee discusses the plan.
  • Gary Thrasher - Arizona Cattlemen's Association Executive Committee member
Category: Immigration

State Spending Limits/Voter Protection

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  • State lawmakers are working on a bill that would tie future state spending increases to population growth and inflation. They’re also considering sending measures to the ballot that would allow the state to spend money that’s currently off-limits and voter protected. Learn more about the legislation from Representative John Kavanagh, House Appropriations Chairman, and Representative David Schapira, Appropriations Committee member.
  • John Kavanagh - House Appropriations Chairman
  • David Schapira - Appropriations Committee member
Category: Legislature