About the Program

"As with previous Arizona Memories productions, we began our research by putting out a request to our viewers,” said the show’s producer John Booth. “We asked them to ‘share your Arizona memories from the 1970s.’ The response was tremendous.”

Home movies, family photos, concert posters and ticket stubs, newspaper articles, and all kinds of memorabilia were soon made available to our station. The emails were filled with stories about the famous 100-year floods that just kept coming; the packed stadiums at the sporting events with the Phoenix Suns, ASU vs. U of A, and Phoenix Roadrunner hockey; tubing the Salt River; the arrival of Big Surf; and the Valley’s music scene.

“This really was a labor of love, sorting through all the materials we received,” said Booth. “I grew up in Arizona, so this process was a great trek down memory lane. I remember riding my bike up and down Mill Avenue, going to concerts at the Celebrity Theatre, listening to a fledgling radio station called KDKB, and watching new neighborhoods and freeways being build throughout the Valley, and in my own backyard.”

“For a little while, Arizona Memories from the ’70s turns back the clock to capture the mood, the events and the people who made that time special and influenced Arizona’s future,” said Booth.