Fun in the Sun

Change may have been in the air in the 1970s, but in Arizona's deserts, one thing remained relentlessly constant ... the summer heat.

Big Surf

In 1970, a refuge appeared on the banks of the Salt River between Scottsdale and Tempe.
Clairol, a company promoting its surfing look teamed up with a local engineer to build Big Surf. It was America's first waterpark(according to the Official Big Surf Web site) and is still one of the world's largest wavepools. Besides the water slides, the pools, the fun, it drew a special crowd: surfers.
"You had all these diverse characters together from all over the valley who had this brotherhood and camaraderie and really truly developed a culture that revolved around our beach and our waves. The culture was genuine. The waves were artificial."
David Manning, Arizona native and surfer dude
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Tubing the Salt River

A little further out of town was another favorite spot to beat the heat. With a cold beverage (or two) and a tire tube, you could help to alleviate Arizona's scorching temperatures by drifting down the Salt River.
"Well, tubing was a rite of passage. I mean everybody did that."
Alice Cooper, Arizona native, Rock Star, Salt River tubing enthusiast
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