News Events and Fads


Soviet Cosmonauts set new record of 17 days in space
747 with 379 aboard hijacked to Cuba
National Guard opens fire killing four students at Kent State University
Nationl celebrates Earth Day


Apollo XIV lands on moon
Supreme Court upholds businng for desegreation
Intel corporation releases a "computer on a chip," the microprocessor
Hot pants are a fashion trend
Voting is lowered to age 18 with the passing of the 26th Amendment to the Constitution


Nixon and Brezhnev sign SALT Agreements
Break-in at Democratic Headquarters in Watergate Towers


Presidential Cousel John Dean implicates President Nixon in the Watergate scandal
Last U.S. combat troops leave Vietnam
Pet Rocks are a popular fad


Alexander Solzenitsyn is deported from Russia
President Nixon resigns the Presidency. Vice-President Gerald Ford is sworn in as President.
Muhammad Ali uses "Rope a Dope" to knock out George Foreman in eighth round of boxing match
Speed limit of 55 miles-per-hour is for national highways


Disposable razors and VCR Betamax introduced to consumers
Teamster Jimmy Hoffa disappears
Saigon falls to North Vietnamese


Viking lands on Mars
Concord begins regular tramsatlantic flights



Hundreds of Jim Jones cult members die in murder suicide in Guyana
First "test tube" baby is born in Oldam, England
Saturday Night Fever soundtrack is a best-seller
Fashion trends in apparel are influenced by exercise fad
Tennis stars Bjorn Borg and Martina Navratilova are among top money winners


Speak and Spell, Chess Challenger and Little Professor electronic games are a big hit
Pocket calculators are popular
The Three Mile accidents leads to antinuclear rallies across the country